CeleraScope v2.2

Optical analysis for microbiology

CeleraScope v2.2

CeleraScope v2.2 is a system for microscopic measurement, particle counting and concentration per volume calculation. The system is designed to be used with optical microscopes.

CeleraScope 2003 - 2023

celerascope The CeleraScope project began in 2003 as a university project and evolved to its current version. In 2003 version 1.0 was written in Borland C++ Builder for Windows; In 2008 with version 1.5 it migrated to Debian/GNU Linux, in 2011 version 2.0 was developed using C++, GTK2 and gStreamer 0.1; In 2016 with version 2.1 it was updated using GTK 3 and Gstreamer 1.0; Finally in 2023 it was released as free software for the entire community.

Automatic Counting

Particle Counting CeleraScope v2.1 is a system for microscopic measurement, counting of particles and calculation of their concentration per volume. It is designed to be used with optical instruments such as microscopes or stereoscopes.

ISO 4406 and 11500

ISO 4406 It is compatible with ISO 4402, 4406, 4407, 11171 and 11500 standards for particle counting and particle size classification.


Microscopy measurements Allows measurement of length, perimeter, area and angles.

Optical Microscope Camera

Microscope camera C-Mount USB digital camera compatible with Video4Linux2.

Software Validation

PDF logo Particle cont software test by Guadalupe Siordia Montero, Actuary.
Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
October 25th 2006

User Manual

PDF User manual for CeleraScope v2.0

Research Paper

PDF logo CAIP 2005, Villa Real, Portugal.
September 2005.